This webapp (Web Application) is a personal development project started on July 2012 when Google announced the end of iGoogle for the 1st November 2013. It aims to replace iGoogle start page for RSS gadgets.

The main features are:

  • All news at a glance
    • Provide a compact view of all RSS Feeds for a daily use,
    • Show the whole article preview,
    • Provide 3 widths of RSS Gadgets (small, medium, large),
    • Adapt the layout of pages to the current device (smartphones, tablets, desktop computer monitors).
  • Openness
    • Provide the ability to export RSS settings to another RSS Reader
    • Allow to import iGoogle settings, or OPML settings from other RSS readers
  • Safety
    • Secure access based on Google authentication
    • Limited use of cookies - see our Cookies Policy
    • Block unsafe content

What is an RSS Feed?

Most of web sites provide an RSS Feed URL (icon ) which reports updates of the web site: news, new articles, etc.
These RSS Feed URLs can be aggregated into an RSS Reader.
Thanks to RSS Dashboard you can get the latest notifications of these web sites in one place, and even sometimes a whole article content without having to visit the web site.

Quick Guidelines

How to edit your dashboard

Click on Edit, make your changes, click on OK.

How to move a box within a topic

Select a box, drag and drop it to a new position, or remove it and restore it above another box.

How to subscribe to an RSS Feed

Click on Add Box, enter an RSS Feed location, click on Apply. Note that if you have selected an existing box, the new box will be created above this one.

How to move a box to another topic

Select a box, click on the cross-button to remove it, select a target topic, select the deleted box from the Restore Box menu.

How to cancel your changes

If you have not yet clicked on OK, you can refresh the page, all your changes will be cancelled.

How to remove a box

Select a box, click on the cross-button to remove it.

How to add a topic

Click on Add Topic, enter a name.

How to move a topic

Select a topic, drag and drop it to a new position.

How to share an article

A Share button is available with the Reader. Open an article and click on Reader.

How to enable an automatic refresh of the dashboard

Click on Edit, check Automatic Refresh, click on OK. The dashboard will be then refreshed every hour.

How to set width of a box

Each topic sets a layout of 3 columns. When a column is left empty the boxes of adjacent columns are enlarged to fill the gap. Thus, you can setup 4 sizes of your boxes:

  • Small boxes: set a box in each column;
  • Medium boxes: leave empty the second column;
  • Large boxes: leave empty the first or the third column;
  • Extra large boxes: Use only one column, this last configuration may be used for articles containing large images, or videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sometimes boxes are displayed in a single column?

Depending on the screen resolution, the system may merge boxes into a single column for a better comfort reading.

How can I remove my account and all my settings?

Follow this link: Close my account.

Why some headlines are displayed in bold characters?

These headlines are unread posts. After importing your settings, only posts of the day are considered as unread.

What is the delay displayed on the top of the page?

This is the delay of the last update. The maximum latency for receiving news of a RSS Feeds is 1 hour; this latency can be increased if the RSS Feed is temporary disabled.

Why some contents have been blocked?

For your safety, this webapp

  • blocks some JavaScript content that may interfere with the dashboard,
  • requires an action to unblock some embedded contents such as video displays.

Why some headlines are displayed in grey color?

These are headlines of articles published for over one year. If an RSS Feed has not been updated for one year, this RSS Feed can be no longer active.

How should I organize my layout of boxes?

Sometimes RSS Feeds contain the whole article. For a comfortable reading, we suggest to put these Feeds in medium or large boxes. See "how to set box width" for more details.

Why does nothing happen when I click on Default mail to share an article?

This action opens your mail application with the mailto: protocol. This protocol requires a default mail application installed on your operating system or bound to your Web Browser.

Terms of Use

These terms of use are subject to modification at any time.

By using this webapp, you accept the Disclaimer Notice and the Privacy Policy, especially the Cookies Policy.

This webapp applies itself the Google App Engine Terms of Service

Disclaimer Notice

This webapp is available with no warranty, with the following limitations:

  • Termination: this webapp can be terminated at any time, for any motive.
  • Service disruption: this webapp can be interrupted because of quota limits, interruption of Google resources availability, defects, or any other reason.
  • Data loss: your settings may be lost because of a webapp defect, or an administrating error. We recommend to save your settings using this link: Export, you will get your settings as a text that you can save. Then you will be able to restore your settings with this link: Import.
  • Unsupported device: this webapp may not run properly for some Web Browsers or some Devices.

We take no responsibility of RSS Feeds that you have selected (see also Cookies section of Privacy Policy).

Privacy Policy

Personal Data

This webapp records in Google Datastore the following data:

  • Your Google e-mail address,
  • Your Google account unique permanent ID,
  • Your Settings, as a plain text containing your topic labels, RSS entries numbers, and RSS Feed locations,
  • Some visit dates, and visit counters to detect idle accounts.
  • Links that you have read, stored as temporary encoded data.

We consider these data as personnal data:

  • These data will be used only for this webapp.
  • These data will not be disclosed, to any third party for commercial purposes, by the owner of this webapp.
  • At any time, you can erase these data with the following link: Close my account.

Google Inc. reserves the right to access all data hosted on its data center. We assume that Google Datastore is located in the United States.

Google Inc. adheres to the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework developed by the Department of Commerce in coordination with the European Commission. The U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework provides guidance for U.S. organizations on how to provide adequate protection for personal data from the EU as required by the European Union's Directive on Data Protection.

Local Storage

All your RSS Feeds contents are stored locally on your device to avoid a full download when content has not been changed. The "sign out" action clears this storage.

Log files

This webapp collects temporary additional data in log files for monitoring users' accesses. These data includes internet protocol (IP) address, type of browser, date/timestamp.

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a piece of data placed on your device in order to collect user information. You must be aware that this information may be shared to third-parties.

RSS Dashboard
This webapp does not create any cookie for its own purposes.
Google Inc.
This webapp uses Google authentication service that creates some cookies shared with .appspot.com domain to keep users logged in.
Google Analytics
This webapp uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. to get visitors statistics.
These cookies are used to store information, such as the time that the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before and what site referred the visitor to the web page.
This service does not report any nominative information to the owner of this webapp.
Red Hat Cloud
This webapp uses a Feed fetcher service hosted by Red Hat. This host requires creation of some cookies.
RSS Feeds Hosts
This webapp blocks cookies from RSS Feeds hosts. However, you must be aware that when you unblock a content you accept cookies policy of the RSS Feed host.

Private Connection

You can access this webapp with a private connection: i.e. https://rssdashboard.appspot.com..

However, most of RSS Feeds use a non-secure connection; therefore, related media such as images or video will be accessed with a non-secure connection.



For any problem, question and feedback: rssdashboard@outlook.fr